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Puerto Rico Clinical Reference Laboratory is managed by Mr. Carlos González, President and CEO. Offering an automated system for handling samples, patients and results. This with interfaces in the laboratory equipment for the management of results and information automatically, making the operation more cost effective.

As a reference clinical laboratory we are committed to:


  • Promptly and excellently provide laboratory analysis to patients and clients.

  • Develop our technological capacity to the maximum to offer the best service to clinical laboratories and patients.  

  • Maximize the full professional and personal development of our human resources.

  • Committed to meet customer expectations.

  • Maintain a safe work environment, a highly motivated workforce, and good community relations.

  • You can receive and/or print the results electronically:​

  1. By email - Via email from our website.

  2. By regular mail.

  3. By fax.

  4. ​At any of our facilities.

  • Identification of sample tubes by barcode.

  • Automated sample processing

  • Patient data bank

  • System ofinformation central

  • Bi-directional interface with all equipment

  • Interface ofimpression with thedoctors y laboratories

  • Electronic signature and seal

  • Electronic billing


To be the best reference laboratory in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, leader in technology, quality and excellent services; Satisfying the demand and needs of the market in laboratory analysis while we contribute to improving the health of our community.

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